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How dependent is the Europeiska Skogsfonden of commodity prices?

A portion of the return is a result of the harvested volume times price per cubic meter, which means that timberprices are important. However, we keep our dept low and have low costs. So we can wait for higher prices during a recession and harvest more in periods. Our ambition is to harvest the annual growth each year, which is about five procentage, but price fluctuations will decied our yearly volumes.

What is the difference between the Euroforest and other forest funds?

Euroforest is the first fund in Sweden, and probably also in Europe, which offers private investors an opportunity to benefit from the safe return that forestownership gives. The few so-called forest funds available for Swedish investors, often from large banks, invest in publicly traded forest companies. These companies are essentially industrial companies and their land holdings are valued not for their full potential in the share price set out on the stock market. It's the return on their industries that will determine the value of the shares, but also how the stock market evolve. In fact, the real value of some of these companies' forest assets sometimes exceeds the market value of the entire company.

Is not Swedish forest of higher quality than in the Baltics?

Swedish forest are well managed and gives a good return, and its mostely the same in the Baltic’s. In Sweden, our forests have been managed for hundred years and our silviculture give us a high annual growth. And its almost the same in the Baltic region. Same tree species, comparable growth and less damage in terms of fire, insects, pests and storms. Thier low damage rate is likely related to the fact that these forests contain more broadleaves, several tree species and at different ages. In more than hundred years, we hace researched and tried our forest management which has given us extensive expertise. A significant difference between these countries and the link we provide are the profitability generated by managing forests in a more long term manner.

Overall, a difference should exist for these countries benefit. But if you compare the price of properties its not a few percentage, and that gives us an higher return.

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