Background & Vision

Did you know that several of the most famous and successful business families in Sweden are historically large forest owners? The Wallenberg family is a major shareholder in Bergvik Skog AB which owns approximately 1.9 million hectar(one hectar is aprox. two acres) of forest land in Sweden and Latvia. Another well-known financial family is Stenbeck who had where a important shareholder in Bergvik Skog. We wont be wrong if we claim that large portions of Stenbeck's investment company Kinnevik where built of historic profits from Korsnäs forests.

Another example is Fredrik Lundberg, who is the majority owner of Holmen, which in turn owns 1 million hectares of woodland in Sweden. Fredrik Lundberg is also a major shareholder in Industrivärden which in turn is a major shareholder of SCA, with 2.6 million hectares of woodland in Sweden. Gustaf Douglas is another financier who is one of Sweden's largest forest owner, including the company Boxholm Skogar owns more than 40 000 hectares.

The point is that many professional investors realized the value of owning a forest, and you have rarely heard that any of them will sell these assets.

During our forest ducation, you become learned and proven that our good supply of raw materials enabled our prosperity, the forest industry is an important part of this.

But despite this history, your opportunity to invest in woodlands are limited, dont you think this is odd? These investments have high barriers and are therefore not available to everyone. The initial investment is high and you need experience to manage the living and growing goods.

Euroforest vision is to make forest investments available for all by building a listed European forest company with a significant own land holdings.

There are many who understand the amazing value of owning forest, but for those who do not have the opportunity. Euroforest is here for you!

Mission & Operations

Euroforest acquire and manages properties in Europe with a focus on low-cost regions such as Eastern Europe. Forest properties in many of the former Eastern European countries is cheaper than in other European countries, while timber prices are similar to Scandinavia. The prospects for managing the forest in these countries are good, with qualified staff at a fair price. The current forest growth is high and with a increasing price of forest properties, Euroforest deliver an excellent return to its owners. Even without an increasing price of the underlying properties we will generate a yield of 3-5 percent each year, which is normally distributed to the owners.

The Swedish management who manages the Euroforest has extensive experience in investing and managing woodland. Knowledge, contacts and experience is a prerequisite for good business and it generate a high return. Since 2010, the yield of the Euroforest annually exceeded the target of 12%. The biological growth, accounting for about a third of the forest yields and is not affected by business cycles, price fluctuations or fluctuations in global stock markets.

Who We Are

Patrik Lingårdh, Chairman & Manager

Founder and Chairman of the Euroforest, Patrik Lingårdh holds an MSc in Forestry and is the former head of Commodities at Södra Timber AB, President of the sawmill company Baro Wood AB, and Board Member of the trade and employers’ organisation for the pulp, paper and wood mechanical industries (skogsindustrierna). He also founded and ran the forest investment company AB Custos, which today is one of Estonia's largest private forest owner. Patrik Lingårdh, born 1967, is a Swedish citizen and resident of Sweden.

Sven Jemsten, President and Director

Leif Erlandsson, Board member

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